Activities for QualityMORESCO Quality Assurance System

Management Policy

MORESCO will deliver products that provide customer satisfaction
via quality assurance activities based on our quality policy (Corporate Policy).


Continue corporate activities that earn the trust of stakeholders


Assure the quality that deal with environmental changes and strict regulations, provide relief to customers


Expand "manufacturing" and "service" with the new value to international markets

JQA mark

MORESCO will utilize its quality management system (ISO9001) to strive to improve quality on an everyday basis.

Quality Assurance Activities

Production Technology Meetings

Production Technology Meetings are held with the aim of improving the level of quality assurance provided by each manufacturing department by sharing information about production technologies, quality problems, and other issues related to manufacturing departments.

Quality Meetings

Discussions regarding quality are held once a month in each manufacturing department as part of efforts to prevent customer complaints and recurrence of defects.

Internal Audits

The company's production activities of all divisions related to the product quality and services are subjected to an annual audit based on the ISO 9001 standard to address continuous improvements.

Compliance with Chemical
Laws and Regulations

We work to ensure legal compliance and observe the laws and regulations on chemicals which are becoming stricter in the global scale by establishing a specialized department.